What are Chargeable Gains?

What are Chargeable Gains?

10/03/2021Tax Issues

What are Chargeable Gains?

The gain in your asset’s value from the time it is purchased till the time it is sold is known as chargeable gains. This process is also called capital gains. A capital gains tax is levied on the chargeable assets.

Chargeable loss is the opposite of chargeable gains. If you are a UK taxpayer, your capital gains tax can be reduced due to inflation and this process is called indexation allowance. Contact us for getting expert advice on capital gains tax.


Chargeable Gain for Companies

A company can deduct the amount of chargeable gain by subtracting the charges associated with the buying, selling and improving the asset like fees or commission, etc. For instance, if a corporate company in the UK sells a property, office, or security, HMRC will classify it as a chargeable gain. These rules vary for the assets bought before April 2002.

Chargeable gains can be reduced against a capital loss when your company’s asset is sold below its actual value. If you are eligible for the capital allowance, your loss can be reduced due to the amount of the capital allowance.

For instance, if you have bought a property at £10,000 and sold it at £5000. You can avail an allowance of £3000 on it. In the final calculations, the capital loss would be £2000, as your total loss is subtracted by the capital allowance.

Moreover, the indexation allowance can not be used to increase your loss, rather it is used to reduce a capital gain.


Chargeable Gains on Special Items

If an asset provided to you is a gift or any special item, its capital gain value would be calculated based on its market value of the time it was received. Chargeable gains also include compensation received against an asset’s damage or destruction. If compensation crosses the total worth of an asset, it’d also be considered a chargeable gain.

Chargeable gain excludes an increase in an asset because of income tax, exempt asset, and other types of exemption like personal exemptions, etc.

There is a defined limit for the taxes to be levied on chargeable gains generally they are on the initial gain. Capital gains taxes may vary in accordance with the annual tax limits and laws. If chargeable gains exceed the threshold, taxes would be levied on them.


Chargeable Gains Tax for Companies

Companies have to pay corporation tax on chargeable gains tax. The total capital gains are added to corporation tax returns. Chargeable gains are taxed in accordance with the corporation tax rate, including the business profit.



You can reduce, eliminate and change your chargeable gains tax through reliefs, allowances and exemptions, but it can be complex due to the tricky rules of the government. So, it’d be better to take professional advice from our chartered accountant in Croydon.

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