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Here’s Our 101 On How to Register an Overseas Company

07/01/2021Accountants , Business Growth Ideas , Limited Company

If you’re looking forward to registering as an overseas company in the UK, we’ll take you through a step-by-step process to make sure you’re doing it right. You must register for the company of company house if you’re starting out to set up a new business in the UK.  


What’s the Eligibility Criteria?

If you’ve already got a base in the UK, you can register for the business. This means that if you visit UK frequently for business purposes or you’ve already set up space, you can carry out business in the UK. Some firms can still not register as an overseas company. These include partnerships and unincorporated bodies.  

If you don’t have a base in the UK, you don’t need to register for the company’s house. Let’s say you’ve already invested in a property (we can consider this as setting up a base) make sure you’re filing the corporate taxes. 


What Forms do you Need to Fill Out?

Make sure you’re filling out form OSIN01. Make sure you send it out to the company’s house within 1 month from the time you started out on that particular business. If you’re worried about what address do you need to send it out to, don’t worry about that.  The address is there on the form. You might end up paying 20 Euros as the registration fee with the form. For the ease of the taxpayers, HMRC gives you the option of paying it either through a paycheque or postal order.  


What if you Need to Change any Details on the Forms for your Company?

Make sure you’re telling companies house within 14 days if there are any changes in your company details. These can include: 

  • Your decision to change the name of the company.  
  • Your decision to change the address of the company. 
  • What business your company does? 
  • Any changes in the roles of directors, or other authorized personnel. 
  • Your decision to work on changes in the company information. For example, you want to expand on the details of the accounting requirements or the powers of the secretaries or directors. 
  • Changes in company constitution on the form 

We hope the following information has helped you set up an overseas company in the UK. This was one popular question asked particularly by the business owners of the US, Africa, and Asia. Therefore, we’ve summarized all the relevant information we’ve received from all the channels.  

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