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Get your Way Around Common VAT Problems

06/01/2021Accountants , Accountants for Contractors , Accounting Issues , Tax Issues , VAT

As an accountant, we have to do a lot of problem-solving each day. Let’s take a look at the top ten VAT problems, and identify solutions for each one of these too. Businesses want to end up paying as little as possible, and getting your VAT right is one way to make sure you’re not overspending. Having the right accountant by your side is all you need to get everything right and avoid VAT payment problems.

Know that VAT can go wrong in limitless ways. It’s a self-assessed tax being handled by ten other people. What are the chances that there might be zero chances of a human error? Then the team of accountants ends up saying ‘if only’ multiple times when they get themselves into serious VAT payment problems. If only a business owner would have ended up checking the VAT position before signing a contract or checking up on the VAT position before letting out a property, things would’ve been different. Most of the business owners even agree on a transaction without working out its VAT. Normally, people don’t consider VAT while carrying out the transactions and it’s troubling for them when they’re issuing their invoices or submitting VAT returns. 

As tax advisors, the accountants at Cruse and Burke always encourage you to keep all these situations in mind to make sure you don’t end up in a mess.  It’s been seen in prior situations too that businesses that have problems with paying VAT in their minds before carrying out transactions see their commercial outputs improve significantly. You’ll not only improve profits but also make sure that you’re avoiding losses to the maximum. 

So let’s take a look at some of the common issues faced while getting your VAT done and help you overcome major VAT problems down the road: 

  • Having a lead in time always helps out in keeping VAT problems at bay. Enough time helps you carefully prepare for regulations, return forms, systems for registering taxpayers, and processing VAT returns and payments. Plus having prior experience is a benefit, and it always helps out. 
  • Sometimes small enterprises or companies are responsible for doing new invoices and working on the bookkeeping requirements. The problem arises specially among people going for VAT upon imports. Small enterprises have vigorously opposed the idea since the department in charge of internal taxes has been given the job primarily. 
  •  Another major problem encountered by people of developing countries is that the staff number is not specified for resolving all the VAT issues. This is one problem of high concern for these countries. As VAT is something completely different from a general sales tax
  • VAT is considered as a modern tax of nature. So many countries demand that it must be dealt with in separate organizations. According to many developing countries, VAT should be dealt in a completely separate organization apart from general income tax, let’s say. 

We’ve not only identified potential problems that can get you into serious trouble but also identified solutions for all of them. VAT issues are common and you’ll try your best to avoid them to the maximum keeping in view the solutions above. We wish you good luck in getting everything right, and pressing on the long term measures to sort out everything the perfect way. 

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