how does tax affect a business

Find Out How Does Tax Affect a Business

11/03/2021Accountants , Accounting Issues , Business Growth Ideas

How Does Tax Affect a Business? 

Taxes may affect your business on a sectoral basis and government legislation. Whichever sector you are working in, you should make sure to know about your tax obligations. There are various ways to reduce tax costs. In this blog, we are going to discuss how does tax affect a business?


If you are an employee, your taxes are automatically deducted from your gross salary. However, if you’re a business owner, it is imperative to pay taxes levied on you by the state.

Key Business Taxes to Pay:

Environmental taxes affect almost all businesses but have a major impact on those businesses which are directly involved with them. These include power companies, airlines, quarries, landfill operators, and aggregate importers.


The businesses dealing with alcohol, tobacco, oils, and gambling have to pay excise duty. Likewise, those businesses who are related to import and export may also be affected by excise duty or customs duty. 


Similarly, financial taxes affect banks and financial institutions. The taxes may vary in accordance with their responsibility and size. In addition, insurers and insurance companies have to register and pay insurance premium tax.

Do Businesses pay Tax?

If your company is making a profit, a corporate tax or business tax is levied on it. It works the same as income tax, but it is only for businesses who start making profits and they have to pay a business tax at a certain rate.


Business tax affects your business cost. If your corporation tax is rising, it means that your total cost is increasing simultaneously. It can cause price hikes within the business. 

Does Interest Rate Affect Business?

In the UK, the Monetary Policy Committee works under government supervision to determine the level of interest rates. The rise in interest rate could increase the cost of businesses’ borrowed money. Consequently, the buying power of consumers declines which lead to a fall in business sales.


The government’s spending priorities also affect businesses. So, if a government spends money on schools, the subsidiary industries related to schools will start growing and earning. 


In addition, the government also provides subsidies for companies. For instance, the government provides employment subsidies to reduce unemployment. These subsidies encourage businesses to grow.


Understanding Taxes in your Sector:

For a general understanding, if you’re a UK citizen you can visit the HMRC website or your respective government’s site to know the tax implications related to your sector.


However, your accountant would be the best source for understanding taxes in your sector. As accountants, working on taxation, are well-versed with sectoral tax issues and other legal obligations related to it.


There are other sources too, as local business support organizations and trade associations, though they are not as expert as accountants.



We do hope that you have understood how does tax affect a business? If you are looking for the professional services of an accountant to solve your taxation issues, Cruseburke is here for your help. 

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