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How Can a Self Employed Personnel Benefit From £2,000 Dividend Allowance 2020/2021

01/02/2021Limited Company , Tax Issues , Tax Saving Tips


All taxpayers can claim their tax-free dividend allowance. Dividend Allowance 2020/21  is set at £2,000. This is a golden opportunity for all the self-employed personnel to registered for self-employed. If you’re thinking of making the switch, you need to do it right now. 


Let’s Discuss the Nature of Allowance

If you own a limited company, and you’ve registered it as a self-employed. The good news is that you can take out some money as dividend allowance 2020/21. You can even take out these dividends if you’ve got some shares in the company. The ‘dividend allowance’ is at zero rate band. You don’t have to pay taxes on these dividends, but these count towards band earnings. If you’ve not utilized any personal allowance, you can also avail dividends under the personal allowance. These will be counted as free of tax. 


What Dividends are Not Covered by the Allowance

If your dividends are not shrouded under dividend allowance or personal allowance, count them as taxable. These dividends will be taxed under regular tax rates. Dividends are considered as the prime source of income if the taxpayer has other sources of income too. The dividend is taxed at 7.5% such that it falls under the basic rate band. At 32.5% to the extent that it falls within the higher rate band and at 38.1% to the extent that it falls within the additional rate band. All these tax rates are applicable in 2020/2021.


How to Use the Dividend Allowance 2020/2021?

If you’re not using the dividend allowance in 2020/2021, you might end up losing it. The tax year comes to an end in 5th April 2021, so it’s a good option to review what dividends you’ve taken up, and what dividends do you wish to take up in the future? 

The COVID-19 may have an impact on your shared income. And this changes things overall for you. Whether you’re a self-employed individual or taking up dividends from a family investment, you might want to take up more of these dividends to make sure that you’re utilizing your allowance. Remember that dividends can be only paid from retained earnings. 


Can you Pay Dividends if your Business is Facing any Losses?

Paying Dividends from your company’s income is not affected by losses. If your business faced loss in 2020/2021, and there are any chances of profit that can compensate for the losses as well as for the dividends then go forward and avail them. 

It’s important to go by the company law requirements and pay your dividend allowance 2020/21 using the alphabetic share structure if you own family business. Like one shareholder has A-class share, another shareholder has B class share. This is helpful in using all your family member’s dividends.

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