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how to avoid paying tax on rental income

How to Avoid Paying Tax on Rental Income?

16/04/2021Landlord , Tax Issues

Many of our customers (especially landlords) often ask this question. The answer of which is quite simple, there is no way to avoid paying tax on rental income. Yet you can reduce your income tax on the amount you received as rent.  To boost your net rental income there are multiple ways to save taxes. …

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how to set smart goals

How to Define Smart Goals for your Brand?

17/03/2021Accountants , Accountants for Contractors , Accounting Issues , Budgets & Other , Business Growth Ideas , Making Tax Digital , Marketing Tips , Tax Issues

You’re just starting out your own company, and need a helping hand to determine the SMART goals for your brand. We’re addressing small businesses because it’s good to have SMART goals for your brand the moment you’re starting out on your venture. Gives you clarity on what you’re trying to achieve.    We’ve seen different …

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What are Chargeable Gains?

What are Chargeable Gains?

10/03/2021Tax Issues

What are Chargeable Gains? The gain in your asset’s value from the time it is purchased till the time it is sold is known as chargeable gains. This process is also called capital gains. A capital gains tax is levied on the chargeable assets. Chargeable loss is the opposite of chargeable gains. If you are …

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Adjudicator’s Office

The role of the Adjudicator’s Office

02/03/2021Accounting Issues , Tax Issues

The Adjudicator’s Office (AO) was created in 1993 as an independent tier of complaint handling about the Inland Revenue (now HMRC) and the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) other governmental departments joined later including The Insolvency Service in 2003. Under their role as an independent adjudicator, it is currently reviewing the Home Office (HO) decisions on …

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