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Is Client Entertainment Tax Deductible

Is Client Entertainment Tax Deductible?

24/08/2021Personal Tax , Tax Issues , VAT

One of the most important marketing tactics that many businesses use is business entertainment, especially for retaining new clients and customers. Spending cost on business entertainment matters a lot when you want to build a network and attract new clients. So, if you’ve decided to allocate a marketing budget for entertaining clients and customers, you …

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How to Avoid Inheritance Tax

How to Avoid Inheritance Tax?

09/08/2021Personal Tax , Tax Issues

When a person dies, inheritance tax is levied on the estate that is transferred to the heirs of the deceased by the government. If you’re planning to transfer the ownership of your estate to your children and loved ones without any deductions to get the optimal benefit from your estate, you might be wondering how …

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Pensions Lifetime Allowance

Pensions Lifetime Allowance Explained

03/08/2021Pension , Personal Tax , Tax Issues

Knowing how much is your pension lifetime allowance is important, as if you exceed this threshold it’d have hefty tax implications. So, let’s explore what pension lifetime allowance is, how to calculate and protect it. Let’s find out.   Overcome your financial worries with CruseBurke!   What is Pension Lifetime Allowance? This allowance is a …

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