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what is Business Interruption Insurance

A Basic Guide on Business Interruption Insurance!

11/05/2022Business , Insurance

According to recent research, the most misunderstood and overlooked business insurance policy is Business Interruption Insurance. The reason for this misunderstanding is that most businessmen do not have a clear idea as to what is Business Interruption Insurance.  Businessmen tend to think that the insurance policies will cover all the interruptions that include food, fire, …

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Bereavement Allowances

All you Need to Know About Bereavement Support Payment

25/04/2022Business , Business Growth Ideas , Dividend Allowance , Finance , Pension , Personal Tax

Are you struggling with the loss of your spouse or civil partner after their demise? In case you are residing somewhere in the UK, here is something with the discussion of Bereavement Allowance that can help. To bring ease to your financial worries that you might struggle without a partner, a bereavement support payment is …

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closing a limited company

Closing a Limited Company: A Simple Guide

26/01/2022Business , Limited Company

Depending on your circumstances, closing a limited company can sometimes be an easy process but sometimes it can turn out to be a gruelling task that needs expert assistance. Whether you want to liquidate/dissolve a company, or you want it to strike off, you need to understand what is the best route to close a …

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How to Make A Company Dormant

How to Make A Company Dormant?

12/01/2022Business , Finance , Limited Company

Whether you need a break for a while, you’ve got a permanent job offer that you can’t refuse or want to retire, in such cases you may decide to make your company dormant. Whatever your reasons, you can stop running your business for some time by making it dormant. But many of you might not …

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difference between revenue and income

What is the Difference Between Revenue and Income?

11/01/2022Accounting , Business , Finance

Wondering what is the difference between revenue and income? Even as a business owner, you may find these accounting terms confusing. Revenue and income can’t be used interchangeably. You need to know both for a better understanding of the company’s expenses and overall financial health. Learning these accounting terms will help you to keep your …

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