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Crowdfunding for Business

The Pros and Cons of Crowdfunding for Business

21/06/2021Budgets & Other , Business

With increasing popularity, crowdfunding has become one of the most viable ways to raise capital for your business. The emergence of platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo has taken its popularity to its peak by raising funds for startups and medium-scale businesses. The process of getting funds via these platforms seems easy, exciting and simple but …

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Early Payment Discount

What is an Early Payment Discount?

07/05/2021Budgets & Other

Early payment discount is also known as prompt payment discount. It is the early settlement discount buyers receive in exchange for paying invoices early. You can calculate it as a percentage of the value of the goods and services purchased. An early payment discount is a process to improve cash flow for suppliers by fast …

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What is Money Laundering

What is Money Laundering? Process and Effects

21/04/2021Budgets & Other

Money laundering can adversely affect businesses, countries, and economies. It is a three-sided offense where money is generated illegally, concealed, and turned white. In this blog, we’d discuss what is money laundering, what’s the process of money laundering and we’d briefly talk about the adverse effects of money laundering. What is Money Laundering? It is …

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how to set smart goals

How to Define Smart Goals for your Brand?

17/03/2021Accountants , Accountants for Contractors , Accounting Issues , Budgets & Other , Business Growth Ideas , Making Tax Digital , Marketing Tips , Tax Issues

You’re just starting out your own company, and need a helping hand to determine the SMART goals for your brand. We’re addressing small businesses because it’s good to have SMART goals for your brand the moment you’re starting out on your venture. Gives you clarity on what you’re trying to achieve.    We’ve seen different …

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grants and loans

Environmental grants and loans: How can you secure them?

24/11/2020Budgets & Other , Uncategorised

With the efforts of world leaders towards an environmentally friendly economy, business owners are aiming for environmental grants and loans to reduce their carbon footprint. If you make your business environmentally friendly, the government helps you with several grants and loans. The importance of energy-efficient solutions will increase. The effects of global lockdowns on the …

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