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contractor pension

Why Do Contractors Need Pensions?

10/05/2021Accountants for Contractors

To live a life like today after retirement, you need to invest in pensions. Pensions are the seeds that need to be planted and watered to reap the benefits in the future. In this blog, we’d discuss some important points about contractor pensions. Most of the contractors fall within the below categories: Not committed to …

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how to set smart goals

How to Define Smart Goals for your Brand?

17/03/2021Accountants , Accountants for Contractors , Accounting Issues , Budgets & Other , Business Growth Ideas , Making Tax Digital , Marketing Tips , Tax Issues

You’re just starting out your own company, and need a helping hand to determine the SMART goals for your brand. We’re addressing small businesses because it’s good to have SMART goals for your brand the moment you’re starting out on your venture. Gives you clarity on what you’re trying to achieve.    We’ve seen different …

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