Chart of Accounts

Chart of Accounts – A Basic Guide!

21/10/2021Accounting , Business , Limited Company

You are required to set up the chart of accounts (COA) in case you are taking over bookkeeping in your new company. If you do it rightly, your other tasks will be too easier to manage. The foundation of accounting is bookkeeping, and the initial step to managing your accounts correctly is “setting up the chart of accounts.” …

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what is a close company

What is a Close Company – A Basic Guide!

20/10/2021Business , Limited Company

Within the United Kingdom, the term close company is totally different from closing the company, and it solely impacts private limited corporations. This term does not affect LLP or sole traders. A close company consists of participators that are less than or equal to five. Therefore, to know more about what is a close company and …

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How does Crowdfunding work? It is a way to quickly raise large sums of capital from various lenders, customers, or investors, Learn more

What is Crowdfunding and How Does It Work?

14/10/2021Budgets & Other , Business , Finance

The crowdfunding platforms provide small businesses a way to quickly raise large sums of capital from various minority lenders, customers, or investors in a short period of time. This type of fundraising is becoming more popular, and it is being utilised to fund not only businesses but also creative projects, social movements, etc. Therefore, in …

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What is Br tax code

What is BR tax code – A Basic Guide!

13/10/2021Finance , Taxation

BR tax code is one of the most used tax codes, but only some people knew about it. The employees within the United Kingdom are paid under Pay As You Earn (PAYE). They are provided with a UTR number that is used to determine the tax they need to pay on their income. In addition, …

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corporate finance

What is Corporate Finance? – A Basic Guide!

12/10/2021Business , Finance , Limited Company

You should think twice if you consider corporate finance apart from the actual company’s operations. Nevertheless, almost every business decision has financial consequences, and any decision requiring the use of money is a corporate finance decision. Therefore, in this blog, you will know what is corporate finance and what are its primary activities.    Don’t …

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how overdrafts work

How Overdraft Works? Types, Limit, Cost

11/10/2021Business , Finance

In case you need to pay the unexpected expenses, an overdraft may be a thoughtful way of borrowing money from your bank in the short term. However, before using an overdraft, you should be aware of everything associated with it. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of an overdraft can assist you in minimising, and even …

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